I’m a 26-year young Los Angeles native and currently the Production Coordinator at Forever 21. “THE NBTWN” is a multi-media fashion blog that serves as an outlet to showcase my unique sense of style and express my love for hoarding clothes. The idea of “THE NBTWN” came from my inability to define my genre of style – from bodycons and distressed denim to neon prints and fur coats, the range of my style can go anywhere from edgy to eccentric. The array of pieces in my closet is a collection of every bit of fashion that inspires me – facets of androgyny, edginess, flirtatiousness and sophistication that have become a representation of who I am. My style is neither one nor the other, but rather an in between.


New York: Day 1


I'm so excited to be in New York because it's a city that I plan on moving to, eventually.  My friends and I started our day with no sleep at all because it's nearly impossible to get comfortable on a plane.  We started with with breakfast at Kitchenette in Morningside Heights and I had the vanilla creme brulee french toast,  I highly recommend it!

Then we had to take a pit stop in Soho because I'm addicted to shopping and picked up a pair of coated jogger pants from Topshop.  I had to pace myself because I know I'm going to be doing a lot of shopping while I'm here.

We headed to MOMA in Manhattan and after that we grabbed a drink at Qi. By the way, their bathroom is kind of scary and if you ever get the chance to go..tell the woman in the mirror I said "hello".  The night ended with Totto Ramen which was an hour and a half wait but, it was so worth it! It's by far one of the best ramen I've ever had! 

Methods to Madness

This past weekend I've been creating trend boards for a company that I've been contracted by.  I can't name drop but I've been appointed Creative Director/ Stylist of the shoot. Everyone has their own way of going about things and this is mine. First, I pulled key pieces from the warehouse and photographed them as inspiration. I went through several archives of photos, which included social media, and brought together a centralized theme.  It's pretty time consuming and I was literally siting at my computer for hours.

I came up with two concepts that I thought represented their clothing.  "Sawyer's Journey" is a play on one of Twain's classics. I would incorporate the most memorable and mischievous stunts that we remembered from reading the book. Although, the theme would be very subtle, the clothes would be styled very girly and dainty-- I want to make it seem like the model is in a dream.  "Beach Babe" would be a more playful idea where colors would be more vibrant and the clothing less conservative yet classy.  It would be a modern take of the 50s and obviously set along the boardwalk.  Let's see which one I'll move forward with!     

THE NBTWN: What I Wore

This was my my first time doing outfit grids so I just wanted to do a recap of the things I put together and wore last week.  Obviously you can find these photos on my Instagram (@the_nbtwn) but I wanted to highlight them.  Clothing looks different when you put them in different perspectives and with this view you can see if certain pieces are cohesive with one another. Honestly, this was so entertaining for me and I could probably do it all day but then I'd just get stuck in my closet and would never go to work or go out...probably not the best idea. I'm just really addicted to clothes, LOL! 

Collaboration: The NBTWN / Miasco / Light + Color

I'm blessed to have such an amazing group of friends who are extremely talented and creative.  Hannah Song of Light + Color asked me to style a photo shoot for her portfolio and I couldn't have been more excited.  We asked Miasco to hop on board to edit a video along with hair stylists Xavi Sostre and Catherine Kim glam up Erin Canoy. This is just a snippet so stay tuned for the full length video that should be coming out soon!  

I Left My Heart In..


San Francisco is a place I've been to several time and it's definitely a place where I could see myself settling down, if I ever want to.  Paul Kanter once said that it's a city that is 49 square miles surrounded by reality.  It's a getaway, a place to roam free, a place to leave the hustle and bustle of the city.  Most of all, it's an incredible place to thrift and find fashion gems! On the iconic street of Haight and Ashbury, there are several shops to stumble into and trust me, you'll never be disappointed. Since San Francisco is known for their vintage clothing, I thought I would dress the part.  

Photographer: Mariel Lunasco