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Don’t be afraid to take risks, even though it may cause you to have a bit of anxiety and a slight panic attack. I never want to live my life not knowing that I at least tried and so far life has been f***ing great. It was a struggle to get this website back up and I had second, third and forth doubts about what I wanted to do with it but, I’m just going with the flow.

During the shoot, Diane decided that she wanted to choose my outfit and of course she gravitated towards her own style, athleisure (of course she would). It’s a trend that has heavily influenced her style of shooting and sense of fashion. I get a constant influx of text messages from her of screen shots ranging from Tried + True, Sophia Chang, Vashtie, and Aleali May to name a few.

Shirt by Tried and True

Shawl by American Apparel

Stan Smith Adidas