A few of the locals took us on a private boat ride and this was by far the most amazing beach that we visited in Tobago. There were barely any people there we had a whole section to ourselves. The water was so clear and you could walk into the middle of the ocean and it was literally at your waist. I felt like I was in a dream. I can’t even describe how beautiful the scenery was. All I could do at the moment was “take a mental picture”, as my friend Lee would say. We were taking hella mental pictures, lol!

In these series of shots I’m wearing my Indah blue fringe bikini top which looked amazing as the sun was setting. This is very unique top and I’m obsessed with it because I don’t think there’s anything like it. I die for anything with fringe! I paired it with my Minimale Animale shameless brief. It had black hardware and could match any kind of bikini top.

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