With the help of my amazing hairstylist, Tiffany Bernard, I was able to get a new do! I’ve been planning this for months but I was extremely hesitant because I haven’t had short hair since I was in middle school. I always get bored of my hair and I’ve done everything imaginable besides cut it short. At first it felt weird, I had to tell Tiff to pause once I saw long locks of orchid hair drop to the floor. It was even more traumatizing when I heard the sound of the clippers and the vibrations on my scalp. Yes, I shaved a portion of my head- not too much though. The process took about 14 hours with a lunch and dinner break of course. Crazy, right? Again, I apologize to Tiff! You know you’re the homie when you’re willing to go in to the salon on your day off and work crazier hours than your normally would. I was nice to catch up with her because she’s been working on some amazing projects that are very hush hush at the moment. I’m letting you guys know that you should book her now before she blows the F up. Stay tuned for our first YouTube video that is going up tomorrow morning!

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